Superman Returns Patch?

Did anyone manage to run the game without glitches? Meaning without those stripes and with what settings and plugins or perhaps there's a patch? I know at the Compatibility list the game is marked that it has ingame glitches with version 0.9.4 but pcsx2 has advanced to 0.9.6 by now, there must be some positive changes?

Don't tell me to use search I've already done that for the last 2 years for this game ..... it's impossible to search in the patches thread with hundreds of pages to maybe find a possible superman returns patch as there obviously isn't any nor are there any superman returns threads, no1 has made them .... I wonder why.

The stripes problem with this game is obviously a graphical plugin issue, there must be a way to get rid of those stripes, maybe the team knows how?


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try software mode.
lol I've already tried that, with software mode it's about 7 fps ......unplayable.
well, then you're going to have some gfx glithes to live with.
lol it's not just some gfx glitch, you can't see anything because of the stripes, it's unplayable one way or the other, come on people hasn't anyone been able to play the game without glitches? Maybe by some fix or patch? Anything?
Anyone have superman returns patch?
Patches can't magically fix graphics plugin errors. Just wait until (and if) the game gets fixed.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Superman Returns uses glow, which can cause these stripes. So maybe turning off postprocessing could help (you could ask Gabest, but he is probably very busy).
Why do you even play such a lame game? The spiderman games are better. Oo

When recently downloaded pcsx2 v 1.4.0 and have a Superman Returns: the Videogame Iso

When ever I run the game with direct 3D9 it never works so thats fine.
When I run it with direct 3D11 (hardware) I experience red thick vertical lines which also mess up the graphics of the game badly and you cant see anything except for the blue sky by the start menu.
When I run direct 3D11 (Software) I experience "spiky polygon syndrome" I see spiky brown polygons everywhere and when I start the game, Jor-el's voice lags like hell which means the game will also lag?

I have maybe come to a conclusion that my laptop can't support 3D11 and 3D9 is too old. My computer specs are:

Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-4030 CPU @ 1.90 GHz
Ram - 4GB
System type - 64 bit operating system
Adapter for pcsx2 - Intel® HD Graphics Family

Windows 8.1
Lenovo G40-70

As I said the version of pcsx2 is 1.4.0

The GS Plugin I am using is: GSdx 20160105132032 (MSVC 19,00 AVX) 1.0.0 [gsdx32-avx]

Maybe I need to get Directx10? which I have downloaded but I cant seem to make it appear in the drop down list of the renderers where the others are (In the GSDX settings under renderer where u would find Direct3D11 (Software). I want to try use directx10 instead but struggling. I downloaded the dll (which I think I had already) from your site but don't know where to place it.


Someone who really wants to fvcken play superman

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