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The game Gungrave is listed as "not working" but I played through the first level and part of the second level, i just quit because my CPU 6000+ x2 AMD seems to slow and it runs at about 40%. And this makes it pretty boring.Laugh

But in fact it des work, what information do you need an where do i get it?

I'm using PCSX2 0.9.6

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first : the compatibility list is outdated so just play and find out
second :use 0.97 versoin
third : you are only using 40% because pcsx2 only uses 2 cores ( in your case 50% ) this is normal
forth : read this for more information about it
My CPU just got 2 Cores and even if it had 4 so 2 where 50% how it comes it would just use 40%?

This CPU does not support HyperThreading. If you meant that. But thanks for your reply.
What does run at 40%?

You're right you have a somewhat slow CPU probably a slow GPU too (we don't know cause you didn't post your full specs), so other than trying the latest beta, some speedhacks and lowering the resolution or just ticking "Native" in GSdx graphic plugin there's not much you can do.
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Gungrave, as i mentioned in the 1. post, but my bad english could have caused this confusion.

I don't think my GPU is ta problem, since it reaches over 100FPS in your Benchmarks(9600GT).

What CPU would be good for emulation? It's a AM2+ socket on a "MSI K9A2 CF (MS-7388)". I wanted to buy a new one either way.

ok, at 9.7.0 it hangs as described in the compatibility list. Sad
Waht a pity it was one of my favourite gmames and seemd to work well with 0.9.6.

I also thought about using my PS2, but in order to connect it to the computer display you need a VGA Box which costs about 100$. *rolleyes*
So the new CPU is way cheaper...

I thoght about a "AMD Phenom X4 9100e, 4x 1.80GHz". Would it be enough? It has a way lower TDP but more Power + SSE4.
That AMD will only have SSE4a, so that won't work with the SSE41 GSdx plugin. More importantly, it is only a 1.8Ghz CPU. This is not ideal for PCSX2.

If going AMD, your best current option is a Phenom II @ about 3.0Ghz or more. In the grand scheme of thing, Intel is the best for emulation and has higher performance clock-to-clock. Getting the newest one you can at the highest clock rate (regardless of having beyond 2 cores) is the way to go for PCSX2.

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