Swap Disc Error with AR Max & GS Codes
I keep getting a swapping error below, when I try using Action Reply Max. I also used GameShark 2 v4 to no avail I get a black screen and the game never plays.

I have had it working before, but for some strange reason this keeps happening recently, no matter if I use different versions of PCSX2.

Note: I have used it on PCSX2 9.8 r4600, and currently using PCSX2 SVN r4980.

[Image: mjb7nk.jpg]

Additional info while using GS swap on log.

Plugins opened successfully.
(EE pc:800002BC) TLB Miss, addr=0x617e4d00 [load]
(EE pc:8000032C) TLB Miss, addr=0x7a0d4d00 [load]
(EE pc:800002BC) TLB Miss, addr=0x68314d00 [load]
(EE pc:8000032C) TLB Miss, addr=0x5f414d00 [load]
(EE pc:800002BC) TLB Miss, addr=0x7d014d00 [load]
(EE pc:800002BC) TLB Miss, addr=0x74014d00 [load]
(EE pc:800002BC) TLB Miss, addr=0x40014d00 [load]


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Fixed GS, but for AR Max still have the same problem.
why not just make/use pnach files in the pcsx2 cheat dir, action replay and gameshark can cause all kinds of problems in pcsx2 including corrupting memcards.

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