Swap Discs or Boot new image by Reset?
Excl I apologize for my potential Question Overload in Advance. Excl   Laugh Ninja
I selected a new ISO image into the PCSX2
and it asks me if I want to swap discs or boot the new image via a system reset.
Swap discs seems kind of obvious 
I don't really understand what they mean by system reset
Is it like rebooting a Virtual Machine?
Which is better? What  are the benefits of each? 
Just so I can understand a little better so I know what I'm actually doing when I select a new disc image.
I'm just afraid I might lose some recent data. (even though I know its saved on the memory card)
Sometimes not understanding what your doing, or the option you're selecting, can cause you to make a mistake.
I just don't want to make a mistake that I'll regret later on.
Cheers! Tongue

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Reset is basically that. It is like as you press the "Reset" button (the green power button), and it will boot up a different game.

Swap Disc is to switch to a different Disc without clearing the memory, so the state is still there while transititing to another game. Like Final Fantasy XII Disc 1 to Final Fantasy XII Disc 2

It does not mean it reset your configuration, it just to start a new boot to a different game.
Oh okay, I assume both require the same amount of processing power.
(08-10-2016, 09:28 AM)JAGERvSidEjA Wrote: Oh okay, I assume both require the same amount of processing power.

This has nothing to do with processing power.

It's about what PCSX2 will do after the swap:
- If you swapped because you want to change game (boot the newly selected ISO), then you choose "Reset".
- If you swapped because the game asked you to insert another disc to load more data - then you choose "Swap".

"Swap" just makes the current game know that you removed the DVD and inserted a new DVD to the tray.

"Reset" is like a shortcut to: remove the DVD from the tray, insert a new disc to the tray, shutdown the PS2, turn on the PS2.
Awesome. I got it thank you! Laugh

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