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Swap magic?
hello,I hope this is the correct placer to ask this, I have swap magic 3.6 plus and I am trying to boot a the bios dumper disc (the one that is about 120 mb) so I can copy my bios from my ps2 and use PCSX2, how do I do this(I have put the disc in and it says its not a valid ps2 disc, what am I doing wrong)?
Thank you.

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what about launching a .ELF?
I followed the instructions for "Loading your own programs from USB Mass Storage Devices" from this
(renaming the file and creating the folder) and it did not work. Swap magic either loaded to the intial screen and stopped (the one before the one where is presents you with the "load program" option) or, it loaded and did nothing. How can I fix this?
Thank you

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