Swapping Plugins
How do I configure my emulator to play games at normal speed, because I saw the specs but it requires changing the plugins. How would I go about this?

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Uh "config > configure" then you can choose the plugins to use from the dropdown menus, if you mean changing them from the stable to the beta for example they are located in the 'plugins' folder located in the PCSX2 folder and just copy/paste the ones you need. I'm not really sure what you're asking tho.
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Are you talking about Frame Limiting? As in limiting the FPS to 50 or 60 (depending on PAL or NTSC) so that the game runs identical to the PS2?

If that's what you want, it's under Config > CPU. Select the 'Limit' bullet and type in 50 or 60 in the 'Custom FPS limit' box.
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