Switching "Discs"
My question is basically how do I switch discs while running PCSX2?

I have codebreaker v10 in an iso and it seems to run on the emu just fine but when I get to where it says to insert the game and then press x, I'm not really sure how I can load the game (which is also an iso file) onto the emu so that it would work.Blink

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Since you can't enter any plugin config screen during a game one thing you could TRY is to mount the iso on a virtual drive like daemon tools or alcohol 120%. Then when the insert disk screen comes up change the iso in the virtual drive.

Never have tried this myself on pcsx2 as I've never had to switch disks. But give it a shot and let us know if it works.
this is also interesting for me. Not because I want to use codebreaker but I soon want to play Xenosaga which has several DVDs. Anyone got experience with that? I use Daemon Tools with my ISO anyway as I prefer to change DVD at any time.
The ONLY CDVD plugin that partially supports disc changing at this moment is cdvdGigaherz.You can grab it here to give it a try
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Hmm I'll give that a try...
Yea that seemed to work just fine. All I had to do was mount the iso to daemon and then switch the mounted image when I was prompted to inset the game disc. Thanks for the help Smile

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