Switching to Dx from OGL stop rendering anything
This is not something you normally do but,can someone try this(I'm not sure if this is happening only on my end)

Start any game while using OGL renderer and then switch to any DX mode
In my case the game is still running but the screen freezes

If I start pcsx2 with DX already selected,then it works fine...until you switch to OGL and back to DX

I am using the latest beta and I don't remember seeing this problem.

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just tested with latest beta using tony hawk 3. It worked fine without issue. tested twice. gtx 970 gpu
Strange,I am on laptop with Intel 530 and GTX1060
In the nvidia control panal a set pcsx2 to use the gtx1060 and I choose it from the GSdx and I can see that the vndia card is used.
I am on Win 10

The strange this is,I can switch between any mode and it will work fine but if switch to OGL even once...that's the end,it will not work with any other mode(except OGL)until I restat pcsx2

Even from None to any DX mode work any not if OGL is selected even once since pcsx2 is started(starting another game have no effect,I have to restart pcsx2 if I want to use the DX modes)
Yeah I've had screen output halt from switching renderers mid game as well, but never really thought much of it because it's kind of a trivial thing in my mind.

I feel like Ratchet and Clank may have been one of the ones that did it but I'd have to go back and try to reproduce it.

Edit: Speaking broadly and in the context of the development builds, the OGL renderer has been getting a lot of love lately whereas the DX renderers are kind of being left behind (there are good reasons for this, anyways). There could just be something fundamentally different that's causing it to get stuck up.

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