Sync to screen instead of vsync?
I just wonder if there would be better results for smooth scrolling with "sync to screen" than vsync.

Most emulators using vsync never accomplish softscrolling at all as this option does not really syncs correctly.

The emulator must speed up or slow down a little to match the refresh rate of the monitor but scrolling would be perfect. Most NTSC games would not speed up or slow down noticable on monitors capable of displaying 60 Hz (and the real frequency is maybe 59 or 61 Hz).

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From my viewpoint, the same performance gain could probably be gained by forcing Triple Buffering. You can set it Globally in the Nvidia control panel, and possibly ATI/AMD equivalent.

I could be wrong, though. My knowledge of screen rendering isn't perfect.
Unfortunately as soon as the application itself does not support this feature it can not be set with any control panel. So PCSX2 has to support sync to screen to have the correct refresh rate...
NTSC and NTSC Progressive games are close enough to 60FPS so that VSync produces butter smooth scrolling.
There's a few other factors sometimes preventing this though, such as erratic game update intervals or the game
may be taxing on the virtual PS2, so that itself cannot keep up their target frame rate.
Try a NTSC game that is mostly 2D and simple to emulate, see how smooth Vsync makes those Smile
I tried Gradius V (that's the game I need PCSX2 the most). Scrolling is really good but it's not totally in sync with the refresh rate. Tearing is moving from the top to the bottom of the screen constantly - but besides of this scrolling is really good.
Using WindowsXP?
Yes, Windows XP SP3.

I experience this behavior with vsync relatively often. Sync to screen always produces fluid scrolling but vsync always makes troubles.

Some emulators use sync to screen but most only vsync. That's the reason why I get fluid scrolling in CCS64, MAME or Nestopia - but problems with ePSXe or SNES9X.
I don't even know the feature, never heard of a "sync to screen".
You may want to try Vista / Win7 / Win8. VSync works a lot better with these.
You are a coder and never heard of sync to screen??

Man, you should really look at MAME - it uses this option for years!
Ive never heard of sync to screen either. vsync has been widely known as the closest thing i can picture. the whole point in it being you get the full picture within the 1 vblank to avoid "tearing"

Edit: Doing a google search of "MAME Sync to Screen" shows up no direct results, only vertical sync in MAME.

Are you sure about what you are saying? Can you provide a link?

Edit 2: It looks like "sync to screen" IS vsync. It looks like MAME tries to do its on vsyncing to 60hz, which wont work if you have a 85hz monitor or what have you, causing nasty teating, so you use their "sync to screen" which is what we all know as vsync, generally in this scenario, the video driver controls it.
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