Syphon Filter: Omega Strain Team Objective cheats
I'm on the eternal search to complete the team objectives offline. I have all but one and I'm attempting to cheat to complete it as that is the only way.

I used some code from here:

Which worked for all team objectives except one and that is Belarus 1: Save All Workers (Team)

I wrote a Pnach file with the codes used above and I also attempted his alternate code he stated. Below is what I have written in Pnach

//All Team Obj

Can anyone set me on the right track to remedy this? It's killing me not being able to 100% this game.

Upon reviewing the code that the person before me had and with insight from someone, I see there's the potential he may have not found an address or value to use to develop the code. Here he only had 6 lines of code for 6 missions. Whereas there are 7 missions that have team objectives. If anyone could think of a way to find the address to start down the path of pulling that code let me know.

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This is an infamous issue in the remaining TOS community because it's the only team objective that isn't actually enabled under single player. My guess is Bend decided saving all workers was too difficult alone (even if it IS technically possible) so they disabled the team version completely and replaced it with an unique "save some workers" objective switch instead.

Here is a link to a SF Discord I created several years ago which is very active when it comes to TOS discussion, and several members are very knowledgable about this issue and ways to remedy it, so feel free to join and ask around

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