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I'm an IT guy so I'm usually playing around on whatever leftovers I Frankenstein together. 
My current system is an Intel NUC with a 1.4Ghz i5 running Ubuntu 20.04. 
It's great as a general use PC and remote education station and it will run NES or Arcade emulators all day, but
Yes I'm now aware after looking at specs this is why I can't run PCSX2.

So I'm digging through my scraps and I've found something I think will work and just wanted to get some input on it.
ASUS Q87M / Intel i7-4470 @ 3.4Ghz / 16Gb RAM ( I may even be able to scrounge up more RAM)
The Q87 has Intel HD 4600 Graphics and is supposed to support 4K video, but I also have an nVidia Quadro 600 laying around.
From what I can tell online it's almost a toss up on whether to use the Quadro vs the onboard GPU.

I'm thinking this should be a pretty darn good box for emulation and probably for streaming 4K with Plex or Kodi
Planning on putting the latest Ubuntu point release on it which should be pretty stable.

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There are probably a few points you should take into concern. First, I can't find your CPU Model, maybe you flipped the numbers?

16GB are more than enough for PCSX2. What does 4k-Video support exactly mean? AFAIK this CPU Generation is for example not able to decode h.265. Also I guess 4K is limited to 30 Hz. When you for example want to stream from Amazon/Netflix etc. you won't be able to use high resolution due to DRM which is not fully available on Linux. Also your CPU usage might be high on video playback then.

I think on the CPU/RAM Side your setup is okay, but not on GPU side. Both the iGPU and your GPU are way below the minimum specs for PCSX2.
Minimum specs for PCSX2:
Your GPU/iGPU: (The GPU is pretty useless for this - if you can't get another card, prefer the iGPU)

I think it's probably the best to get a (used) GPU which meets the requirements. You might also need a stronger PSU, depending on the card.
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Yes that's what I had found in my research was the GPU just won't cut it.
So something like an 8gb RX-580 should do the jop?
Yes, a 580 will do the job. Don't forget to check your PSU is strong enough then Smile
Tired of always changing your PCSX2 Configuration for different games?

Check this out:

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