System Spec Question.
I posted the same question here "" so if you want answer for me in this thread.

My PC seems to meet almost all of the recommended requirements, which is listed on this forum, but I'm not sure about my GPU. It is GeForce GTX 560 Ti (2765MB), and I assume 3 digit ones are generally better than the 4 digit versions, but again I'm not certain about the compatibility. Another possible issue is my Intel Core i7 870 @ 2.93-3.0Ghz(4 CPUs). Since stuffs like resolution and AA don't affect the speed that much, I assume PCSX2 isn't making use of the CPU to it's full potential. Is there any way to determine this or how to make full use of my CPU?

Off course, I'm saying this because a lot of my favorite games with polygons seem to slow down especially when there are more than a few characters/enemies around. Examples are games like "Devil May Cry 3 SE", "Star Ocean 3 Director's Cut", "Soul Calibur 2", and all of the Armored Core games on the PS2. 2D games like Guilty Gear and KOF work fine for the most part. I tried DMC3 with versions like 9.6, 1.0 and 1.1, but non of them seem to speed the game up.

I know they are all demanding games but I thought my spec was enough to handle all of them.

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how have you got GSDX configured? Are you using the MTVU speedhack? what are your other settings? if you can take screenshots of them it will help.

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Your CPU is fine. PCSX2 will make as good of use as possible using 2 cores, 3 if MTVU is enabled.

When it comes to GPU quality...about 4 yrs ago Nvidia went from the 9000 series (4 digit) and then started using 3 digit numbers (I had a GeForce 210 3 yrs ago). Then came 400 series, then 500 series, now 600, soon 700 series. The second digit is essentially the "muscle" of the card. Higher is better. The GTX 560 is a very good card, so definitely don't let that one go so easily.

Since your GPU is good, most games can upscale at x2 or higher. x3 is best overall quality as higher resolutions don't produce noticeable effects (at least to me). As different games have different CPU requirements different games also have various GPU requirements. I personally am a biiiiiig Armored Core nut (hence my username). I have all the ps1 and ps2 games. AC Nexus has most missions that can be a x3, but some missions such as capture filtration plant (Kisaragi mission) where you fight AC Sad Smile have such brutal GPU requirement that you might (only maybe) get full speed with native res.

So...overclock where you can, tinker with upscaling/downscaling settings, use MTVU hack, and use EE timing and VU cycle stealing as needed, because each game is different.
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I have a GTX 560 Ti too and if I remember correctly, PCSX2 doesnt even fully use my GPU and still plays games at max speed with 3x resolution.

CPU is your only concern when it comes to processing power.

Old 4 digit cards are still not quite "bad" compared to some of newer 3 digit GPU's. Higher end 8800/9800 GPU's still stack up nicely againts some low end/mid GPU's.
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