System requirements
Just wondering if my current system can handle running this, right now, trying to play Madden 05, playing at half speed, commentators sound like they're drunk!

Dell 660
Windows 7 64-bit
Pentium i5 3.0 ghz
8.0 GB RAM

Intel on board HD Graphics

I was thinking ot ordering a EVGA GeForce GT730 2GB video card, not sure if that would make a difference. 

All settings are at default right now so I haven't changed anything. 

Any settings I can try playing with?

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Your cpu could do with a bit of an overclock if possible, the Intel HD graphics will slow you down too. I would recommend getting a 750ti,if you can stretch to it
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I would recommend changing your sound settings in the emulator to async rather than time stretch. That should sober up your drunk commentators.

Also under emulation settings you may wish to try preset level 3 balanced. But before you do that try enabling Multi-Threaded microVU1 under speed hacks. That might be all you need.
The 750ti appears to be a full size card? I need something low profile. Anything else you can recommend? Trying to keep the cost below $100 if possible....
This model isn't exactly low profile but its a pretty small card. $99 after the rebate. I saw nvidia also just released a GT 710 card, but I'm not sure that would be much of a step above your onboard graphics.
So even the GT730 won't be am improvement to my on board video?
Nope, 730 gets beaten by onboard graphics cards. Don't buy low end GPU's, they're a waste of money Tongue

At least go for a 750 ti, you can buy low profile versions of it, just make sure you search for the right thing.
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When buying a video card it's always best to try and avoid entry-level cards for that reason. Personally I use the GDDR5 version of the GT 740 and have no problems. Definitely I think one of the 750 models.
Wow.....what a huge difference going with the 750ti. No more drunk commentators, game play seems relatively smooth. Thanks everyone for all of the help and recommendations. Will continue to figure out which settings work best but for now I can actually play on the emulator. Thanks again!!!

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