I'm really having a hard time making tales of the abyss run smoothly. I mean it's playable but it runs sooo slow! It runs on like 25 fps and the next thing you know its on 16 fps then back up again then down again. Can someone post their configurations for their pcsx2 for tales of the abyss? I posted below my laptop specs and my current settings for my pcsx2. Thanks! Hope you guys can help me!

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You won't get it playing anywhere near full speed. PCSX2 is recommended for systems that are quad core at 3ghz+. You're trying to run PCSX2 on a faux-dual core at 1.6ghz.

I can tell you personally that my true dual core i5 laptop at 2.9ghz can get it full speed MOST of the time, but not consistantly.

There are probably no PS2 games that will run full speed consistently on that machine.
[Image: 2748844.png]
Some 2D game with almost nothing moving will probably run but 3d games,not a chance.
That's sad to hear, anyway, thanks for the help guys! Smile

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