TEKKEN 5 weird overlay
Hi all i am happy wiv my emulator everything that i want to play works at 50-60fps.

my only problem is in tekken 5 there is a weird overlay almost like looking through glass and shows like double of whats on screen on certain stages.

does anyone know a fix to this please.

also i recently upgraded to a gainward goldensample 4870 512mb (amazing card) and was on 9800gtx which seemed to work better for me.

any help is much appreciated

my settings are:

ee/iop: chop/zero and normal
vus: chop/zero and normal
also both have flush to zero and denormals are zero.

ntsc framerate: 60fps
pal framerate 50fps.

INTC spin detection
mvu flag hack
wait loop detection
everything else is off.

gpu settings=gsdx10

1200x1500 res (stops black vertical lines stayin to a max of 1200)
texture filtering and 8 bit textures.
blend tff (slight blur, 1/2 fps)

hermite (slower/better highs)
8x reverb
surround 7.1
directsound (nice)
async mix (breaks some games)
124ms latency.

amd phenom 2 x4 955 be 4.0ghz (air cooled 31-53c)
4gb ddr3 geil black dragon 1600mhz
gainward radeon 4870 gs
msi 790fx-gd70 motherboard


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Try playing in native resolution or with the software renderer, you could also try going into the game's options and changing the graphic output/filter options, I know the PAL version of the game fixes that with soft filter or whatever but no idea which verison you're using.
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Not quite sure if this will help, but there is a graphic plugin hack (it tells in the guide how to unlock these hacks) called Offset hack I believe. You can try turning that on; I believe it is suppose to help with the "ghosting appearance" in some games. Hope someone corrects me if I'm wrong. Smile

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