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THAW not working after menu
Well I started the game, everything seems fine. Then I select Story Mode and during the first cutscene PCSX2 crashes.

I have the normal settings on PCSX2 and it seems like its just American Wasteland is not working. For example Dynasty Warriors 5 - Empires works.

AMD FX-8350 Eight Core

If you need further information, just ask me and tell me how to get it Laugh

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If you have MTVU on, turn it off. MTVU breaks Tony Hawk games.
[Image: vwah44]
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
If MTVU was not the problem show the full emulog after the game crashes.
This is the picture i see

No MTVU activated.

This is all I can access...
Or if you meant something different then tell me how to get it.
Can you please try to rip the dvd to an iso-Image and bind that image directly?
(01-02-2015, 12:56 PM)willkuer Wrote: Can you please try to rip the dvd to an iso-Image and bind that image directly?

Same with an iso data :/
Is it happening when you see the first scene or somewhere in-game? Is the game running properly but only broken in one level?

Are you sure that Dynasty Warriors works with your current configuration?
Well it breaks down in the middle of the first cutscene in the story mode.

And I played Dynasty Warriors for a few hours with the same config without any problem (except occasional Framedrops).

EDIT: other game work seems like its just thaw that's not working.

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