[TIPS] Guitar Hero
(sorry if this is already known or posted. I couldn't find any tips/advice for playing this game without a guitar controller).

This is based on Frets on Fire opensource game, by binding F1-F4 keys for your left hand finger buttons... and holding the keyboard like a guitar (putting left hand thumb behind keyboard whilst fingers curl round to lay on F1-F4 keys).
Problem is that PCSX2 system shortcut keys are already binded to function keys (F1 save state, F2 switch states, F3 load states, F4 frame limiter, F5 interlace, etc).
We need to override these keys by copying the PCSX2_keys.ini.default file (located in root folder)... copy to inis subfolder and rename to PCSX2_keys.ini file.
Edit it and set bindings for:
States_FreezeCurrentSlot 1
States_DefrostCurrentSlot 2
States_CycleSlotForward 3
Framelimiter_MasterToggle 4
to keys 1,2,3,4 or some keys you definitely know is not needed. PS: leaving them blank wont work and they'll revert back to originals.

Then just use lilypad to set the shoulder buttons:
(I think)
L2 = F1
L1 = F2
R1 = F3
R2 = F4
X = ENTER (so you can confirm)
UP = up arrow
DOWN = down arrow
ESC = CIRCLE? (so you can cancel out menus)

Now problem is that we'd like X = F5
but I think F5 is pernamently hardcoded to be shortcut for interlace modes. No way of changing this.
But at least you can enjoy play the game on easy, and somewhat on medium difficulty levels.

PS: save the lilypad configurations.. so you can switch between guitar mode & gamepad mode, etc.

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