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Crash Twin Sanity crashes under new VTLB platform, but runs under TLB,
JAK3 stops under VTLB on 300-th frame, but runs on TLB, and also Run/Execute function works like File\Run CDVD *no BIOS* so i can't run Tekken 5
And VTLB build is fast like VM in most games some games like Crash Mind Ove Mutants it's faster than VM
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja

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Hey can i ask how is Jak3? I always wanted to play those games but couldnt play it on the PCSX2 0.9.5 is it a good game?
You can run Jak3 under TLB build
On good speed but some textures are mess under GSDX HardWare mode
With good graphics under GSDX Software mode but three times slower than Hardware
Not tested on ZeroGS yet
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja
Vtlb is still not completely implemented, and it's still not optimized at all XD
I knew it, this thread just like a bug report, not request))
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja
Well maybe we should wait that vtlb is fully implemented before making such bug report ...
I've made this report cause i tried VTLB on 25+ games and it's mostly implementeed for them only those three i've told.
BTW when it would be fully implemented, noone will need such sort of threadTongue
Ninja(NGemu nickname: xcedf)Ninja

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