TXR3 Engine Swap Help
I've played TXR3 (US) numerous times and I've always got the engine swap. However, I've managed to get the JP version of the game and seem to have a problem. For the US verison you need 1242 miles on your ODO for just that SINGLE car. Now, I have an R32 Skyline with around 1680 miles on the ODO on the JP version and for some reason the Engine Swap option is still grayed out. Does the JP version have a higher requirement for the engine swap or does it simply not work since its on a PS2 emulator?

Note: I'm nearing the final stages of the game and need all the power I can get.

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Maybe the odometer is using kilometres?

If so you probably need 2000.
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I've been thinking about that, but I'm in Second Stage. The run I just did on my stream was 1600 but on the TRIP meter. So if it's using kilometres for the ODO I would have a lot more than 1600 since I'd have had to complete half of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka just to get into Second Stage. Plus, I just finished ALL of Tokyo and Osaka (Not including Wanderers). So I doubt it could be using kilometres instead of miles.

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