Tales Of The Abyss - Ghost layer issue
At the moment I have using the latest version of pcsx2 on Windows 7 with GSdx 890 SSE4, but I also had this issue since the previous version and I was running Vista back then. Anything that is outdoors or has any form of ambient light seems to have this odd ghost layer to it. See the attachment for a nasty example.


It's not usually that bad, but it's kind of annoying. Has anyone else encountered this and know a fix? Or is this a bug?

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This is a typical problem if you set the internal resolution to anything other than native. The only fix for it is, of course, use native res.
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But native resolution looks terrible. >.>

If it's caused by changing the internal resolution than it must be some sort of bug in the way shader layers are applied or something like that. Maybe I'll try out some other plugins and see if they behave any better.
Try with gsdx.v887 0.1.14 if that can solve the problem.
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Tried 887, same issue.

It definitely seems like a shader issue to me; there seems to be two screen layers that are overlapping each other and neither seems to be fully opaque--one is moreso than the other. On both sides of an object you can see through the edge surfaces that are supposed to be solid.It seems to me that the a light diffuse layer is being placed about 5% of the screen too far up and too the left.

Maybe it's a rounding issue from scaling the internal res? I wouldn't think it'd be THAT far out from a rounding issue though. I wish I could get this figured out, ToTA is so much nicer looking in full HD on the scenes that don't go all crazy with the ghost layers.
I have the same issue but its not as bad as it is for you.
It's not usually that bad--I just picked a spot that was really bad to better show specifically what is happening. The game is quite playable like this aside from a handful of scenes that can be a little disorienting.
I reported this issue here - http://forums.pcsx2.net/thread-3031-post...l#pid36982

Dunno if it's been addressed yet, but I'm sure it'll be fixed eventually.
It seems like there is actually a few games with this problem. Shadows Of The Collosus seems to do the exact same thing.
That's the only problem I had with Abyss. I found that turning the res to 1024x1024 allowed the game to still look good, and minimize ghosting. Plus I got fantastic speeds (80 fps) that way Laugh
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