Tales of Abyss White Screen before battle.
Memory Card operations put a high load on the IOP recompiler (lots of code is run).
This and also all other loading operations bring down your FPS, especially if your computer
barely manages full speed as it is.

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But its strange because when i used the older emulators the fps doesn't drop during memory card loading
Have you tried to disable the MTVU speedhack like I said?
you will obviously get a overall slowdown in the game, but the memory card screens should stabilize at a stable fps like the old builds.
(this is why this option is made for quad core processors, on dual-core processors when pcsx2 has light loads you get speedups and when under heavy loads you will see slowdowns since there is simply not enough processing power left)

besides for that make sure not to use the EE Cyclerate and VU Cycle Stealing speed hacks since they usually cause problems and slow downs, try to use gsdx with the native setting to make sure its not a GS limitation.
Older versions can many times be faster than newer ones, since compatibility in new versions is improved many times at the cost of speed. This is perfectly normal.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I turned off MTVU i still drops the fps, maybe it's just the emulator, native doesn't really effect the fps at all

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