Tales of Destiny Director's Cut
As you can see, there are various problems involving transparency of environment and character sprites. Any suggestions?

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Weird. For a start, post your settings.
Also try the D3D11 render if you haven't already.
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also try pressing F9 to go into software mode
The software mode fixed everything. Thanks!
glad to help Smile

btw switching to software mode may cause a drop in the fps. only use it when you have to then switch back to hardware mode again by pressing F9 again
Update your GSdx plugin(there is some kind of bug with the one that comes with pcsx2 1.0.0)

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Hello everyone i'm new to this emulator but it works pretty good! but i was sondering like VSUB says update your GSdx plugin, how do you do that? i don't find any option to update the plugins or do i have to search for a new one?

Thanks in advance to everyone!
if you download the latest SVN build from our downloads page, you will automatically have the latest version.
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