Tales of Destiny: Director's Cut Sound Problem
Hey guys,

I've been having issues with getting the sound to work while running ToD: DC. I've looked up several threads regarding this issue and some have said to try PeOPs SPU2 but it looks like PCSX2 1.0 doesn't recognize the plugin in the drop down menu? At any rate I tried downloading an old version of PCSX2 that does run PeOPs and the music cuts out similarly; i.e. runs for a few seconds then goes to silent.

Another issue is FMVs hanging but from what I've read that hasn't been resolved yet. Also is the emulation supposed to be kind of shaky? The screen kinda goes up and down repeatedly, like its shaking.

I can skip the FMVs but I'd like to play through with sound. Let me know if there's an easy solution. My specs:

PCSX 1.0.0
GS: GSdX 5334 (SSE2), Direct3D11 (Hardware), Native
SPU: SPU2-X r5324 2.0.0

Intel Core i5 M460 @2.53 GHz
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650/DirectX11


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is the sound going away only for this game or all of your games?

are all your drivers up to date?

send messages to people who played the game and ask them for their settings
Please try the latest SVN version and see if the sound issues are resolved. Also check the videos again, they should work as well.
For the shaking, select a different interlace mode for GSdx (F5 in-game).
For the shaking screen, have you tried pressing F5? But for sounds that's weird never had issues with it, put the audio setting to async mix.

Also avoid using any speedhacks, as it likes breaking the game (heck even without any speedhacks the game hangs time to time, so keep a save state ready)
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