Tales of Legendia won't run on latest build
Maybe it's because of new user ignorance, but it just keeps saying I'm out of resources or whatever. There are only two visible files that it will allow me to choose as the ISO: IOPRP300.IMG and PTN_INFO.BIN

I'm using the latest version of PCSX2 that I can find Any ideas, no matter how obvious they may be to you?...

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Yup it's the "newbie syndrome".

Let me guess, or rather state the obvious - you use iso loader to run the game of your DVD;3.

You have to either run DVD by selecting your drive in CDVD plugin and changing in CDVD menu to run the plugin instead of ISO.
OR, which is better option, get a program like imgburn which is tested for creating 100% working ps2 game copy and make the iso out of your game dvd and use it with ISO loader(better couse DVD differs between ps2 and pc which causes freezes in emulation when pc dvd drive stops and need time to spin-up again:]).
Deleted......to avoid fight
Thanks, I'm in the process of making the image of the game disc now. The run speed of the game using the DVD was horrid. Now to find the keyboard controls, cus my PS2 controllers don't seem to want to fit into a USB port. Not that they should...
Buy a usb gamepad,It doesn't cost you much.you don't have to worry about connectivity between original ps2 and pc .Some Ps2 adapter for pc didn't work very well.

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