Tales of Symphonia sound issue / other questions
Its winter again and im bored of PC gaming so im returning to the Console to play old school games again.

Ive tried looking up for this issue but there arnt many topics about it, even if there is they remain not 100% solved.

The issue i have with Tales of Symphonia is that the Cutscenes sounds are Cranky, it runs at 60 FPS. Theres no issue like that during in the gameplay tho but its rly annoying to have cutscenes like that so im looking for a way to solve this.

I5 2400k
GTX 570

[Image: tossettings.png]

Video sound issue:

other questions:
1. Is it possible to play this game on a ''NATIVE'' scale 3X w/o having the black lines through the screen??? cuz '' Original PS2 resoulation'' solves that problem but it lowers the graphics. (ill make videos of gameplay and i always try to get the best graphics out of it)
[Image: tos2.png]

2. PCSX2 is up to 1.0 now and there are some changes ive noticed like, it counts as 1 emulator if u have seperated folders. For someone like me i like to have seperated folders of each game as a specific emulator if u know wat i mean (save states/settings/memory card). When i run another version of a 1.0 and i make adjustments in that emulator it changes for everything and thats quite annoying.

If thers a solution for any of these it would be nice if u could help me with them.

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