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Tales of abyss graphical problems etc
This is how the game looks now:
I will compare my settings to yours. :3

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link no worky Sad

Here! Everything seems to work fine now, thou i got another problem. Game gave me black screen after tutorial. That didn´t happen before.
looks good Smile did you try pressing F9 on the black screen bit?
No i didn´t, could it have helped? : O I removed speedhacks, that worked. o.o
Not a black screen =(! Try what Refraction suggested, could work.

What speedhacks were you using?! MTVU is safe with this game and it's the only one I use for it.
"Enable INTC spin detection", "Enable wait loop detection" and "mVU Flag Hack".
Hmm, i will save my state and disable those and turn MTVU on. :3

Thanks guys.
Just a quick note, sometimes using Save States can break a game, it can be buggy for some games. Try to load the game normally and save/load from within a game. Have fun with Tales though, I found it to be a fun game!
Okay, i will do that. Hmm is it normal to have graphical glitches like that? (left end and upper end) there is also this weird box above the moon)

Battles work fine thou without single glitch.

Edit: first link fixed.
Yeah, for this game it's normal, you won't run into shadow problems until you're in the Ortion Cavern and even then it's not a big deal, I believe turning off Texture filtering will fix it, but doing so causes the game to look bad again, so a little shadow problem is "meh".

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