Tales of th Abyss ghosting problem
Is there any way to get rid of the blur/ghosting that is plaguing this game ? Unsure

[Image: b75e31ed-fc2d-4e33-ac48-1ed16f0f011a.jpg]

I run the game at 6x internal without any speedhacks exept MTVU on the latest SVN (4954) on a pretty decent rig :

- i5 2500k @4.2 GHz
- Ati 6970
- 8 Gb ram

Thanks for the help !!

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try increasing scaling option in gsdx
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(11-02-2011, 10:23 PM)jesalvein Wrote: try increasing scaling option in gsdx

You mean the internal resolution ? It's already set at 6x an I went even higher with some custom resolution.
That said i found out that using a pretty old build of GDSX (1354) and setting "UserHacks_AlphaHack" to 1 inb Gdsx.ini fixed the problem.

[Image: ad199d3e-3c73-48b2-b76b-2b13b16150b6.jpg]

Not ideal but it will do for now. :/ That said if someone has a solution I'm all ears. Laugh
Doing that in the latest version should work too. What happened when you tried in the latest one?
Well, I had applied it in my first screenshot. I does makes things better but the image still looks blurry.
try using the native res. First....if that fixes it then try custom res or scaling....also untick 8-bit textures and enable mtvu.....this game works perfectly so i think the latest svn might be the culprit...use a older gsdx ver. Like the one found in pcsx2 0.9.8 (r4600).....it should definetly fix it
There is exactly one GSdx revision (check the repository on GoogleCode) that, by accident, fixes the blur in this game.
It was a buggy commit Gabest did which he corrected later but it broke this game in a way that it looks sharp.
Yeah the problem is there is a bloom layer on top of everything. It seems to come and and go then have the offset right and then have it offset so it's ghosting at random times.
If you want to use higher resolution, then you need to add the line


to your GSDX.ini Tongue2
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