Tales of the Abyss
From this thread:
He show the way to fix blend error. There're an attached file. And I don't have any clue to use the .patch file. How can i apply that patch?
Someone help.

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put that .patch file in cheats folder & sse2.dll file in plugins folder of pcsx2
then re-configure u'r gs plugin in pcsx2 & select the sse2.dll u put in pcsx2 before,hope i helped !
Putting .pnach goes into cheats. The is a patch to a particular GSdx file.

Basically it involves physically going into the file mentioned, removing the lines with a - shown at the approximate line number, and adding lines with a +, then compiling pcsx2 from scratch after those changes have been made. I know how to compile on Linux but I don't know how to do so with Windows.
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