Tales of the Abyss - Game Load Issue
Ok, I get the point where it goes to the cut scene right after you do the training with Master Van and do the Fang Blade and all in the court yard but after that when it goes to load the area it Freezes and stops loading. Has anyone else had this issue and knows how to solve it?

I don't think it's a graphics issue but I may be wrong cause when I change from hardware to soft ware I get a big white line that looks like it would be the place where a cut scene would play.

Any Ideas would be great and if anyone has a game save past the point like right after that part or something that would be nice to but a way to fix this would be better

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Sounds like a bad ISO issue.
How come so many people think it's bad iso's. I always wondered about that.
I mean, the game starts, people play a while, it hangs on some spot > The first thing I'd assume is an emu problem.

Rokoka: Search the forum, there's a thread about this already (though it's still not solved iirc).

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