Tales of the Abyss Ghosting & General Qs
Hello guys, I started up Tales of the Abyss on ISO the other day and played up until the first dungeon with Tear with no glaring issues.. After I neared the end and arrived in Engeve is when it looked horrible. This is what it looks like in town

I looked around a lot for a fix since no other game seems to do it and there were suggestions to use the Half Pixel Offset.. it gives me the border but along with some weird other line and seems to make it just as bad. Second picture with this checked I'm not sure if it's hard to see but it's like there's another shader being ran in the background? Looks ugly.. goes away with Software Mode (F9) turned on.

I'm playing it in x2 Resolution, as I just got this the other day I'm not sure what else to list.. I've fiddled with a few things in the options but not too much. I tried downloading in placing the ToTA Plugin but I could not find it when I was looking for it in the plugin search, only gives me the 4 or 5 default ones. I'm also using DX11.

I have a G74SX which is the:

Intel i7 2630QM at 2.0Ghz
12GB Ram
GTX 560M
Windows 10

And I'm using PCSX2 1.4.0

Any help would be appreciated, seeing as playing this on my PS2 is too much of a pain I wanted to try it this way, thanks!

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You sure you placed the plugin in the correct folder? It works fine here.

Take a screenshot of the folder you placed it in.
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Just got it to work last night before I fell asleep.. I think maybe it was something with Win10 not letting WinZip extract it to the plugin folder. Thanks for the reply.

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