Tales of the Abyss - Ingame Menu Freeze
Ok, I used the search and It brought up nothing
I searched several ways for it and it never showed so everyone knows.

The Issue is the Ingame Menu where you can see character status and such freezes when It has a drop down like in System Battle and Library. Those 3 menu's freeze when there drop down part opens up. The game dosn't freeze but I can't move the the selection anywhere and I can't enter any menus

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Do you have advanced settings on it's defaults? what is your pcsx2 settings?
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Would you PLEASE first try the default settings before posting here?
Your last issue report was a dud like this one as well, you're wasting our time with this.

Edit: No need to come back and say "Oh, that worked", we know it does.
Rama please stop assuming cause I do have them on Default if all your gonna do is assume you know exactly what is going on and what I have please don't bother posting. I asked for help not you gunning at me.

I'll post them when I get home Shadow Lady, I've used default and gone and tried others as well let me get home and I'll put up the images
I recently played through Tales of the Abyss and I had problems with freezing similar to what you described. I played around with different settings and none of them really seemed to change it much. Then I noticed that the farther I got into the game, the less the freezes would occur. After about 20 hours I think it froze once during the rest of the game (40 hours).

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