Tales of the Abyss Sound Effects Issue
Okay, I am a noob. But usually whenever I had a problem I was able to find a solution within the forums. I got ToTA working perfectly except for an occasional crash, which I can live with cause it doesn't happen often. But this isn't my problem, my problem is during cut scenes there are a few missing sound effects. I am currently in Kaitzur and when Asch comes and hits Luke there is no sfx for him falling, I know there is sfx during this part cause I have watched a video online to make sure. Anyway, another part is when Van and Asch clashes swords and there is no sound effect for it. I had this problem in the past as well. When you first meet Largo and when he knocks Luke down, he falls so much in this game, no sfx. There are plenty of spots in this game where there is no sound effects, it's not just Luke falling. But not all the sfx are missing. Footsteps, menu sounds and voices work and more. I actually got the sfx to work for a short amount of time, while using ZeroSPU but it made the music very stuttery and sometimes the sfx worked and sometimes it didn't. What I mean by this is sometimes the sfx in cut scenes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I would have to try two or three times, and then the scene right after wouldn't have sfx play. I tried to fix the stutter by turning off the speed hacks but it was still stuttery. I just sticked to SPU2-X r3117. It was the best for music at least. All the other sound plugins either had no sfx or stuttery sound, and I think P.E.Op.S had both problems. Anyway, if you guys can help me with this I will be greatly appreciated!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that eventually, no matter what sound plugin I use, all sounds except for voices and music disappear after a period of time. Like maybe after 30 minutes of playtime, this includes menu sfx, footsteps, and so on.

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This is most likely the old TotA bug where IOP memory gets overwritten by CDVD reads.
We're working on a few fixes to CDVD and this game is one of the things that may get fixed by that.

So far all I can recommend is that you keep using SPU2-X, keep off speedhacks and save your game often on memory card.
I am continuing to use SPU2-X, and the VU Cycling Steal or whatever it happens to be called, crashes my game often so I stay away from it. I rarely use save states unless I have to. Thanks anyway, I'm hoping for a fix.

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