Tales of the Abyss and Disgaea 2
If I had more time, I'd provide some pics, but as it were, I have only some minutes.

Just wondering if anyone has any help/evidence for the better emulating of Tales of the Abyss or Disgaea 2.

Tales has a sort of "ghosting" graphical effect (can see this immediately at the menu/start screen), where the shading of the models or objects seem to act like a drunk 2-year-old with a coloring book. In battle, I get almost no graphical problems with very manageable-to-great FPS. Outside of battle, I feel like I'm in an old-timey movie with those super-soft light filters, like your dreaming IN silk, if that makes sense, and there is still "ghosting". The sound also loves to stutter and like MegaVideo, loves to lag. I've tried turning off-and-on in multiple combinations, the sound plugins and their options, but this problem honestly seems to extend to the whole of the emulator and not just relegated to JRPGs. I've tried just about everything I think I could try. Perhaps it will just have to be addressed in the next release of PCSX2. I run a ATI Radeon 2600 HD, dual core, 2.4 Gigs, 3 gig RAM, 256 VRAM--it's a granpa setup for this kinda thing, I know, but it works for nearly every other game that can work. I can play FF12, FF10, KH 1&2 with 45-60 FPS on x2 or x4 AA on, so spec wise, I don't think it'll be the culprit.

As far as Disgaea 2 goes, I can't really get it to work at all, ALTHOUGH, I had similar graphical and X11 errors on Makai Kingdom and the one thing I did that made that game playable was turning on the forced Widescreen option--maybe this will help Disgaea 2? Better yet, if someone smarter than me (which, I assume is a healthy amount on these forums) has a better idea, please, by all means, make me feel embarrassed and gimme an answer! Heh.

Stay Safe, Q

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Is nologz option enabled in zzogl options?
never leave home without it on. er, Yes; to answer the question better. and I'm up to date on all the plugins you've provided. the ghosting is really only present on Tales, and the problem with Disgaea 2 is that it just won't work. which is odd, cuz Disgaea 1 and Makai kingdom work pretty much fine. Mostly every other game works totally fine, for the most part.

on a side note as well, Xenosaga doesn't work at all (start-up, then quit) when I turn on the "kill specular highlights" game fix, but if that remains off, it slowly dies in front of my eyes at 7-8 FPS. and I've tried allll kinds of mixing and matching with the graphic and speed options. more accurately though, it was Episode 3 of Xenosaga, if that means anything.

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