Tales of the Abyss cheats?
I seem to not find any decent codes for this game anywhere. Also, before anyone says it, yes I looked inĀ http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Post-your...hes-here#T for cheats but I am not interested in any of those. I'm looking for cheats that include max gald, stats, all artes, etc. Please help me out!

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You can try these:
Infinite Gald
206D2C10 05F5E0FF

Luke Infinite & Max HP
206D2F0C 0000270F
206D2F54 0000270F

Luke Infinite & Max TP
206D2F10 000003E7
206D2F58 000003E7

Tear Infinite & Max HP
206D325C 0000270F
206D32A4 0000270F

Tear Infinite & Max TP
206D3260 000003E7
206D32A8 000003E7

Jade Infinite & Max HP
206D35AC 0000270F
206D35C4 0000270F

Jade Infinite & Max TP
206D35B0 000003E7
206D35C8 000003E7

Anise Infinite & Max HP
206D38FC 0000270F
206D3944 0000270F

Anise Infinite & Max TP
206D3900 000003E7
206D3948 000003E7

Guy Infinite & Max HP
206D3C4C 0000270F
206D3C94 0000270F

Guy Infinite & Max TP
206D3C50 000003E7
206D3C98 000003E7

Natalia Infinite & Max HP
206D3F9C 0000270F
206D3FE4 0000270F

Natalia Infinite & Max TP
206D3FA0 000003E7
206D3FE8 000003E7

Asch Infinite & Max HP
206D42EC 0000270F
206D4334 0000270F

Asch Infinite & Max TP
206D42F0 000003E7
206D4338 000003E7
You didn't look good enough..

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