Tales of the Abyss config
Hi m8s

I'm about to buy a new computer - probably a laptop - and I'd like to be able to run PCSX2 (especially TotA) on it... I know it's tough stuff on most notebook but I'm not going for something too cheap so I have good hope that it might be worth giving a try.

Anyway to those who managed to make it run comfortably, what kind of hardware are you using and what is recommended in your opinion for Abyss using the last pcsx2 and appropriated plugins ?

My laptop would have 4GB DDR3, a mobile Radeon Hd5650, and a i5-540M (Hyperthreading, SSE 4.1, 2,53/3,06ghz, but shouldn't be able to run at more than 2,8ghz in 2-core mode without OC). I might go for a i7-620M which is clocked a bit higher but it's likely to be a bit expensive for the extra-performance AND its power consumption seems to be broken although it's supposed to have the same TDP.

According to some reviews the 540M outperforms T9800 about everywhere and in some benchmarks even T9900... I've read testimonies of people who got many games running fine with that kind of setup but I've done some researches and still have absolutely no idea about how much Abyss demands to get it running smoothly.

Any idea ? And btw do I need a more powerful GPU (it should be on par with the nvidia GT250M, although I heard PCSX2 likes nvidia better than ATI) ? Thanks in advance. Rolleyes

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it ran pretty smooth with my specs, slowing only down when a particular enemy was on screen

cant tell you the minimum though
Windows Seven 32 - Duo Core @ 3.0 ghz - 4gb RAM - ATI Radeon HD 4850 - Sound Blaster X-Fi
i played it on a computer with Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @2.4 ghz , Nvidia 9600 gt and 2 gb ram.
the game run fine most of the game with just some parts where i got like 45 fps (mostly cutscenes). surely if you get something stronger than this you can play at 60 fps all the time.

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