Tales of the Abyss problem

i'm playing tales of the abyss with pcsx2 and it keeps freezing at the same place, right after the tutorial battle with Van. it gives me this error:

(EE) Trap
(EE) PC: 0x0068d5f4 Cycle: 0x1cb75821

i've tried turning off all sync hacks, cpu options, i've tried changing the advanced settings, i've tried various plugins, all with the same effect. now, i've read elsewhere that this error is based in pcsx2 itself, so i tried playing with some of the older versions and by luck i managed to get past that scene in the pcsx2 playground r395, though the general performance is of course lousy.

I don't suppose there is a fix or a patch to make the game work in either the 0.9.6 version or the r1888 beta? perhaps another revision works better?

to sum up, i generally use pcsx2 r1888 (best performance for me) with the following plugins.

gsdx 1873 (MSVC 15.00, SSSE3) 0.1.15
spu2-x 1.2.0
lilypad svn (r1853) 0.10.0
linuz iso CDVD 0.9.0 OR peops cdvd (cdda mod) 1.3.0

i've used these plugins in pcsx2 r1888 and 0.9.6 and in pcsx2 playground r395. the only one that got past the tutorial scene was the pcsx2 playground.

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You don't want to use Save states if you want to see changes without speedhacks.
So, start the game from the first save point.
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yeah, i haven't used savestates at all, and i've tried both with and without sync hack. BUT, i seemed to have fixed it already. at least i got past the tutorial with van, by using the plugin pack from december. i think maybe it was a problem with the spu2-x plugin because of the december plugin seems to have worked better in general, i.e. some sounds like entering battle wasn't working before but does now. i'll have to test this further to confirm.

that said, a lot of sounds still seem to be missing, mostly sound effects though so i can live with it.
try using the march plugin its newer
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