Tales of the Abyss question
Well it isnt much of a problem but i used to play tales of the abyss on the older 0.9.6 pcsx2 version and i remember when wait for vsync on refresh would make it go to 100% and lag.

Every time i had random battles it would be slightly choppy and start feeling laggy/slow eventhough my fps was 60 with or without speed hacks.

I finally managed to get rid of the choppy lag thing today by putting wait for vsync on, it runs perfectly, smooth like gameplay vids you see on youtube etc.

My specs are [email protected] ghz 4gb ram radeon 4890.

I'm just wondering how wait for vsync got rid of the weird choppyness and lag effect in battles and other places without any sacrifice in performance because usually everyone says how it should be turned off.

I actually think it should be turned on XD

Btw im using the latest rev 0.9.7 and plugins now.

Oh and what's interlacing for? it looks much better when its off, looks all blurry and not sharp when its on.

Can someone explain wait for vsync to me please?

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Did you have the frame limiter enabled in your other tests?

Vsync acts as an "external" frame limiter but also has the bonus of removing
screen "tearing" often experienced when the frame rate isn't exactly the monitor refresh rate.

So the biggest issue with Vsync disabled but normal limiter enabled will be some screen tearing.
frame limiter is always on.

So if i use wait for vsync without the frame limiter on, it'll run the same?

So basically, i used to play with the normal limiter which limits ntsc at 60, pal at 50.

It gave me choppy lag in battles on tales of the abyss.

I enabled wait for vsync ontop of the already enabled normal limiter and this got rid of the choppyness.

My refresh rate is set at 60hz.

Does wait for vsync on refresh really give people lag? It just seems to make the game run smoother for me.

Edit: Oh, i turned off frame limiter and used the wait for vsync one but it goes above 60, so i put it back to both on.
Windowed mode is not problem with Vsync, in full screen it will cut down FPS sometimes to half the nominal refresh rate value so the frames can be synchronized indeed.
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Oh right XD i see. Hmm thanks.

But does anyone know why the vsync on refresh option makes the game run smooth in battle unlike before where it used to go choppy and slow while still displaying 60 fps at the top?
My only guess is that you're perceiving the tearing as very disturbing then.
Or hmm, maybe some weird form of CPU power saving kicking in for very short amounts of time..
Well vsync is "Vertical SYNChronization" and it's meant to make everything smoother to your monitor but it comes with performance issues which are not good, I don't know what choppy/laggy thing were you experiencing but I'm guessing that was due to Aero in Vista/7 which tries to do a Vsync on it's own but not quite as good as real Vsync.

Problem is you may feel it's working perfect for you right now but for other scenes/games it may not be the same so just use it if it's working good while it does (you may also not get other problems at all if you're lucky) Tongue2
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oh i tried a scene that used 100 percent and used to go below 60 fps before with 0.9.6

I used vsync on the exact same scene on the new 0.9.7 and it ran the exact same with or without it XD.

Tried it on other games and it was fine XD no performance issues so far, tested it on multiple games and multiple intense scenes.

Edit: disabling aero helped a bit when i turned off vsync but it runs smoother with vsync and with no performance differences so i'll keep it like this for now XD thanks.

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