Tales of the Abyss - sound issue
Hi all,

Recently started up Tales of the Abyss in anticipation of the new tales game being released on PC.

That being said, I have a weird sound issue occuring.  Ocasionally my game will loop a certain sound track, such as rain or one specific music loop, and afterwards won't play any other sounds such as the menu sounds or the sounds of swords swinging during battle.  It also causes the game to freeze and crash occasionally.

Below you can find the screenshot of my sound plugin, if any other information is needed just let me know!  The only other settings I've changed from default are the updated graphics plugin to have the ghosting fix for TotA.


[Image: L2Jy]

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set your sound settings back to default
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
Try using XAudio2 instead of DirectSound
This actually happens with XAudio2 as well, but far less frequent.

I'm still not sure what exactly causes it, it could just be a game fault instead. Much like the 'Abandoned Factory' world map bug, where the music keeps looping when you exit back to the world map. When you save your game at that point and load again, there won't be any music until you enter a place. This bug fixes itself after a while though.

But yeah, I've had my game freeze from time to time as well like the OP with XAudio2. When the menu isn't playing any sound browsing through the items randomly, it's almost always guaranteed to freeze moments afterwards for me.
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Thanks for the tip about XAudio2!

I'll try that later today. As long as it doesn't happen nearly as often. I was getting used to having to load a save about every 15 minutes and it was starting to get pretty frustrating. It was particularly bad in Abandoned Factory which lead me to this post, so lets hope it at least doesn't occur as often!

Cheers all!
I'm getting this issue as well, with the latest GIT release. Loading from a save normally, the sound will work fine. Eventually, menu sound will stop working. Then a few minutes later, the game will crash.

Edit: Some stuff from the console when it crashes:

IOP Unknown 8bit read from addr 0x1f40209
IOP Unknown 8bit write to addr 0x1f40209 = 0x80
cpuTlbMiss pc:2cfccc, cycl:252b5d69, addr: 1f90fff0, status=70030c13, code=8
Trap exception at 0x006083d0

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