Tales of the Abyss (voice skit problems)
Has anyone ever got the english version of Tales of the Abyss to actually have sound while 'skit' events unfold? You know, when they talk and you can only see the pictures of each character? I've managed to get everything on the game to work perfectly besides this little part. It isn't anything huge thankfully, but I'm a bit curious.
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Oh! That's easy. There weren't any skit voice acting in the US version to begin with. Japanese version is the only one with skit voice acting. Not sure about the PAL version.
So...uh...read on.
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japanese version have voices in skitts and UNDUB version have english text and japanese voices in skitts, but depending on the law in your country it might be illegal to apply undub patch to your original copy of TotA ( for some retarded reason )
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yeah. namco was lazy when they were dubbing it in english and decided to skip the skits altogether. the undub version basically puts in the japanese audio of everything in place of what was there in the original english version-- voices in skits, voices during cutscenes, voices during battle, etc.

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