Tales of the Abyss widescreen hack
I have a question about the widescreen hack because with hack on it looks a little strange to me
so is it alright or I am doing something wrong ? below are some screenshots (sorry for my bad english)

[Image: flnrSlLh.png]
[Image: HPmho08h.jpg]

[Image: gDjwDnRh.png]
[Image: jLEtJHFh.jpg]

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That's how the hack works. Because Tales of the Abyss doesn't have a real 16:9 mode, the hack forces the game to render in a wider FoV. The game wasn't built for that so you see off-screen elements like that in close quarters and stuff. Most of the game it's fine though.
That's what I wanted to know thank you very much Laugh

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