Tales of the abyss issues
I've searched a bit can't find a solution to my problem... It keeps crashing on me mostly, especially after fasting, going into fight, and coming into new areas. Background of skits look glitchy. I'm just at my wits end. I'm using pcsx2 with the lastest plugins, and beta 1472 pc specs are

Dell xps 1530
intel core 2 duo 2.4ghz (pcsx2 reads it as 2.396)
8600m gt 256mb
4 gb ram
windows vista sp 1

I heard someone got it near perfect, I'd be content if I can get it not to crash.

And as for the settings. I switch them up and still mange to crash after a few minutes. Even while it has a steady fps of 60. So help?

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Any help?
Try with the stable 0.9.6 pcsx2, if you're using any speedhacks disable them and try again, try changing the "config > advanced" options as well. Other than that try doing a search on the forums there should be plenty tales of abyss threads to help you Tongue
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For me, the game crashes all the time if I use beta.

That is why I use the latest stable version and DirectX9 renderer, since DX10 also seems to cause crashes.
I just beat the game yesterday and on my 65 hours of gameplay i got 2 crashes...Try it with the GdSX 1406 with DX10, and with altest pcsx2 beta. It worked fine with me.    

PS1: Yes, it is pcsx2.
PS2: No, i did not use photoshop.
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Well its working better, but it would only work on bweta better since it seems vu stealing on moderate pushes it up to 60 fps. On the non beta its like 45fps.

Anyway glitches are gone, but there seems to be a sound issue. Audio from other scenes carry on, and some sounds stop working. Even getting crasges when loading saves. I'm using 1406 gdsx, but it seems sound is an issue now, help?
keeps doing it.
This fading sound issue is really annoying. Even while loading it on the disc
Man, I'd like some support.
Tried another sound plugin? Try turning off speed hacks if you have some enabled too.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64

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