Tales of the abyss various bugs

Windows 10 x64
i7 4790k
GTX 970 4GB

Latest PCSX2 Git (1.5.0-20160506214629)

Images 1-3; Incorrect rendering of the grass (After you left Abandoned Factory)

Image 4; Press "Esc" while you see a character´s conver, and then press resume in the System menu of PCSX2.

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Please post all your PCSX2 settings.
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 @ 3.60~4.20 GHz | Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2x8GB) DDR4-3200
MSI GeForce GTX 1660 Super @ 6 GB | Kingston A400 480GB SSD | Windows 10 Pro x64 (b19043.1288)
I need some nice guy to test some change on ToA.

A build will be available here in ~20 minutes

Please test the openGL renderer with CRC hack set to Partial or Minimum. Some effects might be emulated correctly now.

And potentially the above issue are regressions. It might worth to check older build.
Hmm,there seems to be something wrong and it's not caused by the latest beta/the version above nor it's fixed by it.
I'll try to find the rev responsible

The higher the BUA,the worse it becomes(using scaling along with bua makes it even worse)
684 - works fine
695 - the problem exist

Here is dump from rev you posted above

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.rar   snaps.rar (Size: 2,27 MB / Downloads: 102)
Oh No Sad

You're right I have the issue of one my dump. I didn't test it with the good options. I will debug it.
Ok, silly mistake, I just forgot to commit the precompiled shader.

You will find the future build here https://ci.appveyor.com/project/gregory3.../artifacts

Thanks very much for the tests.

Edit: just saw your gs dump. My free time session is done. I will look at it later.
Edit2: I'm not sure it will fix your issue Sad
Actually it is a shame, I suspect the depth effect is nearly working. However I suspect the game to sramble pixel position (due to different texture format) so blending isn't apply to the good position. I need to dig more.
Hum, wait, @vsub what is your ToA version ? The CRC doesn't match with GSdx db. So far, I have 3
Quote:{0x14FE77F7, TalesOfAbyss, US, 0},
{0x045D77E9, TalesOfAbyss, JPUNDUB, 0},
{0xAA5EC3A3, TalesOfAbyss, JP, 0},
And yours is 0x14FD77F7. It seem awfully close of 0x14FE77F7, only 1 bit of difference.
Umm,I forgot about that...I edited the image long time ago(hex edited it)to change the 3rd normal battle music to be the second and that changed the crc.
I'll check the disk later

And speaking of crc,I may be wrong but didn't someone said that you can add custom crcs somewhere(in some ini file or the database)
I have other games that I also change(battle music)and that changes the crc
I printf the CRC from the dump.

So, I guess I will remove your CRC from the db (I quickly added it). I don't know for custom CRC. There is a code path called "ENABLE_DYNAMIC_CRC_HACK" with dll and such. But code is currectly not enabled. So far, I would vote no.

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