Target framerate .ini value resets
Hey I've been trying to play MGS2 (NTSC) on the latest PCSX2 and in order to get it playable (tried all speedhacks and pretty much everything) and I think the best option would be if I could change the target fps.

Tried changing it in PCSX2_vm.ini (FramerateNTSC=59.94) to 30 but once i start up the program is changes the value back to 59.94, can anyone help with that?

i5-3210m 2.5GHz
Nvidia 640m

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All you would be doing in changing it from 59.95 to 30 is just slowing down the games speed to half of what it normally is. In reallity your only solution is to upgrade your hardware.
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[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
is your aim to stabilize the fps even if you play under normal speed? If you want to fix settings in a file you can prevent the file from being overwritten. But this might not solve your problem but can create new problems.
Hm, it should not overwrite the settings you manually entered in the ini.
Try using 30.00 instead of 30.

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