Technical Info on the PS2 (in response to the Last words to be misunderstood thread)
Well, now that the thread by Hazek is closed, just as I was about to post something I think we should all know;

What is microVU?

Not the most technical and on-topic discussion, but a pretty good description of the PS2.

This article should be read by everyone who thinks PCSX2 is a miserable piece of software (which it really isn't), just so they can understand exactly what goes into it.

Feel free to delete this thread if it is deemed unnecessary.

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For the joe public, emulators are like just any program thats supposed to do what it was intended to do, hence they judge it solely on the basis of functionality and stability bar none. Those people who have more of the technical tendencies would go past the current state of the software (because it is about to improve anyway) and appreciate the attention to detail and the efficiency that they are trying to inculcate into the emulator.

Replacing default headers with their own improved versions, looking for loops, structs, functs, or declarations that can be written in a better would feel that the team is dedicated in producing a coding masterpiece. There is progress everyday (visit the repository at to educate yourself).
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Well it's a fallacy: Hazek doesn't think PCSX2 is a miserable piece of software. He's just saying that to try and get under the skin of the developers. Posts like his are nothing more than power play games. He felt wronged, and he wanted to have the last laugh at our expense. Trying to prove the technical merits of the emulator would have been met with more semi-incoherent rebuttals and rants.

Also, he was likely a liar right from the start: The game he said should work has never actually worked in pcsx2. "Zatch Bell - Mamodo Battles" is the game that works, while "Zatch Bell - Mamodo Fury" has never been anything more than "nothing" in our own compat list. This could have been an honest mistake, but more likely he was intentionally fibbing in the hope he could fool someone into trying to make it work somehow, or he was making the direct assumption that if one works then by all means the other should too (they have the same name! .. almost!). In either case, he'd been wrong and to point it out to him would have probably started another (different!) flame war.
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