Techy stumped; Crash before entertainment screen.
Ok, I am having a very interesting problem. I have just installed your playstation 2 emu <9.6> and i have not yet gotten it to work properly.

Right now, i am trying to get some of the Jak and Daxter games to run on your emu, i am currently only using the cd, but i might make an ISO soon. Right now, i will give a computer spec list, then a list of what i have on my plugins.

Graphics: GSdx 890 <MSVC 15.00, SSE2> 0.1.14
First Controller <lilypad -> 2nd controller>
Cdvdrom : Gigaherz's CDVD Plugin .7.0

the rest are null drivers.
My bios are correctly configured with my own ps2's bios.

My CPU is a AMD Phenom 9950 quad core. it supports SSE3, 2, and 1, along with mmx. it does not support SSSE3, or SSE4.1.

It also features MMX2, 3DNOW, and 3DNOW2.
My graphics is currently set to 1680x1050Hz, with a Direct3d10 <hardware>, my screen is a bit shaky so i use the Bob t
ff interlacer, with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Texture filtering is on.
When i hit play CD/DVD, it will <console is active> say initializing a lot of things, then crash before it hits the entertainment screen.
Same thing happens when i hit execute, it'll come up with the floating cubes, then crash instantly. It says it runs at 57 fps.

also, this came up in the console.

delay slot 17fbefc

does this mean anything?

Any help would be appreciated., tnx


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aaand my post has somehow divided itself in half.

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