Tekken 4
Hello everyone,
First, I'm using version 0.9.6 ofcourse and I own a (faulty) PS2 + the original game. (I'm using an ISO of the game).
My problem is, I've seen videos in youtube that shows this game running at almost full speed (50-60) with an E6600@3ghz.
I have an E5200 OC'd to 3ghz and I'm getting around half speed. What am I doing wrong? I'm using GSDX SSSE3 0.1.14 with all speed hacks turned on...
Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried selecting VU Skip to increase the FPS?

Also checking "Native" in gsdx will help a lot if your graphics card is weak. Be better if you could post your full specs Smile
Oh, sure. Smile
Well, I have 2gb of ram and a HD3850.
BTW, I have checked "Native" already and VUskip doesnt help much...
Should be running fine then, check out morpheus configuration for tekken 4 in the screenshots thread:

Try to find out which version of the game you are using eg. SCES_508.78 (this will be on the disk itself or you can explore the cd or iso on the computer)

VU skip should really help increase the fps quite a bit and also using direct x 10 will help greatly (needs vista or windows 7 to be utilized)
Thanks Smile
Anyway its driving me CRAZY to see this...How can he get 50 FPS with 2.4ghz? It's impossible >< I can't understand what I'm doing wrong...Tell me, does the dx9-dx10 difference THAT big to make such impact on the performance? (We're talking at 20 FPS here)
Yes with direct x 10 some games can have a huge impact on performance Laugh. Your kind of missing out since you have a direct x 10 card.

You could try using Playground 1.0.0395 - VM (the one morpheus used). Its possible that tekken 4 doesn't like some of the new speedhacks as well.

Make sure you have Flush to Zero and Denormals ticked in the Advanced option to make the game go even faster. Setting the clamp mode to "none" may help as well
I've tried with both 0.9.5 and the new versions, same crappy performance...I've also tried every available speed hack on both versions, I even tried disabling them one by one. What else can I try beside installing vista? Sad
You could try dual booting with Windows 7 beta, seems to work better than vista for me and i can still use window xp as my main operating system.

Are you sure that Vu skip does not give any fps increase because i always get atleast 10fps from it. Other than that you could try overclocking your cpu a little more to see if you can grasp a few more fps.. (remember to watch your temps)

Oh yea and Multi-threaded GS mode is defiantly ticked right?

Another note: try clicking F4 a few times while the game is running to see if you get a decrease or increase in fps (changes frame skipping)
MTGS is ticked, yeah...I guess I can try and overclock my cpu a bit more, the thing is, how can a 2.4ghz quad core (which operate as a dual core) not far from mine run MUCH better than a 3ghz one?
Yeah as you know only two cores is actually used meaning that your cpu should be running faster than his even if its slightly older. It could be down to direct x 10 or the fact that there is something wrong in you config somewhere.

If i had tekken 4 i would test it out for you on my dual core.

Just wondering but have you tried any other games?

actually try this a second for the speed hacks

2x cycles. - on
Enable IOP x2 cycles rate - off
WaitCycles Sync Hack - off

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