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Tekken 4 - Best Config?
Sorry, I've thought that you mean this:
[Image: beztytuuaub.jpg]
Thanks, on that settings on some arenas I have 44-47 fps, but on some arenas it's still 32 fps (54%).


The worst arena is Shinjuku - 32 fps. On the others the fps is above 40 fps, usually 44. So it's a lot better now, thanks, but not as good as I would like. But it probably won't run any better.

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I am still amazed, how incedibly good Tekken 5 works, even on the final battle with Jinpachi, full of graphical fireworks and it has full speed even then. And I can't understand, why Tekken 4 works so slow. But it seems that I can't do anything about it, thanks for your help.
Welcome Smile
Glad to help Laugh

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