Tekken 4 configuration on 9.6 or 9.7
So my ps2 console doesnt work properly anymore and the only way to play my fav games like Tekken 4 , 5 soul calibur 3 , God of War and a few other games that i own is this lovley emulator(sadly tony hawk series doesnt work properly becouse they all have grapichal issues , but i hope they will fix that when newer versions came out).
Im soo happy that Tekken 5 is absolutly 100% playable with perfect fps and runs flawlessly on my pc after touching some configurations like changing the fps limit on the emulator pcsx 9.7.
The only problem that i had with Tekken 5 was those black vertical lines , but i removed them with changeing the d3d internal res to native and it was all fine , but the resolution is preatty bad, so i changed to different resolution like 1260:1260 and a copule of others that removes those lines, but sadly they remain on 1 stage
[Image: tekkenw.png]

if someone knows a way to remove them completely , pls share your opinion , but anyway this is not a big deal.
My main problem heare is the game Tekken 4 (tekken tag tournament is same case). Its strange that 2 games like Tekken 4 and 5 are so similar , but yet i just cant make tekken 4 to work properly , when tekken 5 is running near perfect fps. I readed some treads about the game , i readed the guide carefully 2 times , i wached you tube videos with people that play this game with much older versions of the emulator , like 9.4 , 9.5 2-3 years ago , but i just cant make it work just like tekken 5.
The 1st problem is that i cant use the same emulator , becouse every time i try to run Tekken 4 on pcsx2-r3878 it freezes when i select a mode , doesnt matter story mode , arcade mode and etc.
So i downloaded the 9.6 version of the emulator and the game runs just like tekken 5 on pcsx2-r3878 before i configure it. I mean nice picture , but black vertical lines and slowmotion. So i tryed to do the same steps that worked for tekken 5 , but 9.6 is different then 9.7 where i fixed the fps only with typing in NTSC frame rate box 60.94 ,for PAL 60, disableing framelimiting and frame skipping disabled and now the game runs with fps 75-80 EE-100% more then perfect (you can see it on the screen), but on 9.6 i just cant make it right , the option is much different i even tryed tekken 5 on 9.6 , but the result was the same as tekken 4 , low fps and slowmotion , now the game runs with near 30-40 fps wich is a bit higher then half of the real speed with or without speed hacks , i didnt see any difference, the only difference will come from fps skipping area , but i need help from advanced user that actually understands what he is doing.
So i have 2 questions , how to make the game run on pcx2-r3878 , or what configuration to use to make it run with decent fps on 9.6 and dont tell me that i need faster cpu or somth like that , im 100% sure that i need the right configs that i just cant make it right alone.
I make this tread becouse i didnt find my answer anywhere and this is one of the most played games and many of you are playing it on desent fps rate and im begging you to share some tips or screens about the configuration for that game.
Your help would be greatly appreciated!

some screens from the game and the emulator configurations:


[Image: tekkenc.png]


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If you have Tekken 4 versions PAL or NTSC try the patches in the following link to make them work in the 0.9.7 beta:
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Worked!!! Now the game just runs with 70fps just like my tekken 5 , ty very much shadow.
hmm , thats srange , it seems it worked perfect but suddenly the game slow down it self and then go faster , usually on different stages the speed is a bit different and the emulation cant reach a stable speed all the time , like tekken 5 where the speed is constant with frame limit off. It shows the same number of fps between 70-100 but the speed is different , on this screen its near 80 but the game is allmost on slowmotion with 10 fps , what goes wrong heare? I tryed to change the speed hacks , but when i unchek and lower the hacks , the speed goes low even more... when i start the game with this speed hack config and disable frame limit , game runs perfect with over 80 fps , then when stage changes it just go very slow..
With those same settings and emulator , games like Soul Calibur 3 and Tekken 5 are just flying with stable fast fps rate.

it shows 80fps but actually it is running on 10-15 fps:
[Image: tekkenez.png]

but on this stage , game fps is aways perfect
[Image: 86745716.png]

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EE cyclerate and VU cycle stealing speedhacks are known to give false FPS readings, setting them to the max is not recommended and it's probably what you're experiencing.
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well if they are not set to max , game speed is much slower .. on some levels fps is perfect , on others it just drops drastically... the other games are not like that , even shadow of colossus when i fight a boss , fps are stable and never slow down or go fast wich is the case with tekken 4..
I usually just set the VU Cycle Stealing up 1 or 2. If I'm already getting 60FPS or a couple of frames under (like, 50-ish), I don't bother changing them.
Of course, setting these makes games "less smooth" (but at least action isn't slowed down). This could be what you're experiencing with the "10-15 FPS" scene.

EE Cycle Rate I usually don't even touch as it can really stuff up FMV's.

Play around a bit.
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