Tekken 5
I run tekken 5 with the ISO file and the game crashes on memory card loading..i disable the memory cards..it crashes again..Oh ***** no *****..no thats happen with the original CD.With the ISO file its even not go to there..

Sorry for my wonderfull english


GSdx 1310 SSE2

First and Second Controler
LilyPAD 0.9.10

Linuz Iso 0.9.0

P.E.Op.S SPU2 1.9.0

USA v02.20 (10/02/2006)

EE recs options

Round mode Chop/Zero
Clamp mode Full

VU recs options

Round mode Chop/Zero
Clamp Mode Extra + Preserve Sign

ATI HD 3600
AMD x2 5200
8 Gb ram
Xp 64 bit

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Tnx for help
nice try, oh and wrong section

moving to general.
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