Tekken 5 Black Beams

I would like to play Tekken 5 but as soon as I start it I see theese black beams on the screan. Could someone help me?

[Image: fawffawfaw.jpg]

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"Try 1200x1200 or 1270x1270 or 1020x1020 or try some more Tongue"

I don't have any of them. Just 1280x1024 and so on...
We are talking about the internal res boxes.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Sry I'm stupid. Where can I find it?
Go to the GSdx configuration. There is a point where it says Internal Res: and has 2 boxes there (probably filled with 1024x1024). Change that to 1200x1200
[Image: newsig.jpg]
I don't get it....

I downloaded the Emulator from the Homepage, updated to the newest GSDX Version, changed the Internel Res and nothing happens. If I change it to 1200x1200 or 020x1020 then it keeps crashing like ***** Sad It also crashes with a earlier gsdx version.

I found the same Emulator on Youtube.


modded version, don't know.

I tried it and it works better than the Emulator from Homepage, why? I compared both version and everything was the same (I guess) but the Emulator from youtube had 60 FPS while the Emulator from the Homepage had 50 FPS with same settings...?

What's the difference between this 2 Emulator Versions and why doesn't it work with the emulator which I just downloaded from the website?

Sorry for my crappy english!

Edit: I downloaded 1650 from http://pcsx2.dyndns.org/index.php?n=GSdx and it's the newest, isn't it?
Set the interlacing to NONE in GSDX
You have bad settings. That 'emulator' is a crappy ILLEGAL hack of PCSX2, that kills compatibility to get some better speeds in a couple of games.
It probably has a bunch of trojans/viruses on it too. I removed your link and you will get no support here for crap like that.
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